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    Base Package:

    Each package includes a basic image archive (C-FIND SCP, C-STORE SCP) and a worklist server (Modality Worklist SCP). There may one patient base to be created (no group practices).
    Professional Package 1 (1 Prof. Workstations, 1 Modality)Professional Package 3 (3 Prof. Workstations, 1 Modality)Basic Package (1 x Basic Workstation, 1 Modality)X-Ray Package (1 x X-Ray Workstation, 1 Modality)

    Additional Licenses:

    In group practices with an additional patient base data separation is required. The images are sent automatically to the correct image archive. For each additional device you need an additional modality license.
    For each package, additional stations can be purchased.

    Additional Modules:

    The module licenses are site licenses and can be used on each station with the correct software version (professional, basic).
    Job Management (Basic)Patient CD (Basic)GDT/HL7 Interfacing (Basic)Picture Import (Basic, Professional)Report (Basic, Professional)DICOM-Print (Basic, Professional)CD/DVD Lable Print (Basic, Professional)Connection of CD/DVD Robot (Basic, Professional)TWAIN Interface (Basic, Professional)Image Transfer (Basic, Professional)Connecting LOCALITE OrthoPlanner (Basic, Professional)Multi Monitor Support (Basic, Professional)Hanging Protocols (Basic, Professional)Video (Professional)MRI Image Acquisition (Basic, Professional)Mammography (Basic, Professional)Stitching (Basic, Professional)Radiography Plus (X-Ray)Generator Control (X-Ray)

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