digipaX GmbH

digipaX is one of the pioneers in the field of image and document archiving in full compliance with DICOM standard.

The vision was to tailor the PACS to perfectly fit the needs of the users. Our goal was to create an optimal workflow model in medical environment.

We aim to design PACS that is comfortable and efficient to use for human and veterinary medicine purposes. Our software bases on an intuitive operating concept. Simple and easy interfaces to external software systems, such as management software in clinics and practices, are also included.

Highest quality standards that meet all legal regulations is our fundamental principle. The software is developed in accordance with ISO 13485.

What can the customers expect from us? An optimal and modular design, and excellent service from digipaX. Our service concept builds on the specifically qualified national and international partners and appropriate training of the users. Regular updates and upgrades to meet increasing demands and international standards are obvious.


Our customers include medical facilities in over 10 countries.

This also includes cruise ships from various fleets.

From the vet to the clinic. From Berlin to the Maldives.

Quality Management

Quality is priority! The company digipaX GmbH maintains a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485. digipaX software is a class IIb medical product. Consistent application of the relevant standards and practice-oriented technical tests ensure that the company is able to deliver high-quality, stable and reliable software.

The goal of the company is to create products that make work in practices and clinics easier. Valuable time can be saved through high working speed, so that it can be better used elsewhere for the benefit of the patients. This product helps to significantly improve medical diagnostics.